Do you love to combine wildlife and environmental related sciences with adventure and exploration in the field?  This site is the place for you to be!

Here you will find stories and interviews of women who have diverse interests and hobbies and who are rocking it in the science world getting out in the field.

The point of this site is to inspire, empower, advise and encourage women to pursue their careers in science.  Most of the time, we start our path only understanding the more conventional job types. Out-of-the-box jobs are the elusive Unicorns and they take more creativity, more risk, more trial-and-error, and more resilience to track down and tame. As we get to know ourselves, our interests, and what fits better with our personalities, we discover what will work or not work for the lifestyle we desire. The path doesn’t look the same for everyone and we should embrace all the flavors instead of sticking ourselves in a rigid box!

I will share my insights on what I’ve managed to do thus far , as well as share what other ladies have done, in order to show you it is indeed possible to blend most all of your passions in unique ways within science.

Maybe you have some ideas to share with me?

I would LOVE to hear your career story and feature you in an interview. Follow this link to tell me more!

Embrace the unconventional!



Unicorns are very elusive.

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